Come away


I was reminded of this poem the other evening when I saw it hanging on the wall of a friend’s house. It was snapshots of poets and sections of their work. This one stood out. 

It does feel at the minute like the world is more full of weeping. Everyday there are stories on the news of people being killed for one reason or another.

I wonder sometimes that if people could experience the aftermath of their actions, would they still commit the crimes. If they could feel the fear, the hurt and the sorrow of every person they had affected, how would it make them feel.

So much hurt and sorrow, for what? Does anyone even understand what they are fighting for.

None of us can change it, or can we, if we all just stand together.

Time to change the world, one smile at a time.


3 thoughts on “Come away

  1. You are right there are some terrible things going on in the world. But you have to believe there are far more good people than bad. Just look at the reactions to the events in England of recent. The responses of people to the grief and hurt of others is so inspiring and encouraging that despite the actions of a few lunatics the good in us will rise to the surface and crush whatever evil intentions they may have had. You know smile will infect the person beside you who may then find reason to smile back and so the chain reaction will occur. Great post Maddie…


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