WhiteoutWednesay ~7

Form a mist,
pink, or blue and star-shape.
No one really knows.

Mystery is derived from love
not particularly stunning.
A hint to cordial love
considered sacred,
according to any black-white heart.

Which goes to show you:
Even within the most modest wrapping beats a strong heart.


Written for White out Wednesday

Check out the link for details on how to enter.


3 thoughts on “WhiteoutWednesay ~7

  1. WOW! And welcome to the prompt Maddie 🙂 😉

    This is absolutely wonderful – Love what you did with this – created a wonderfully interesting commentary/piece from the sources! And like, how cool is this?

    Hope to see you as you can, stop by and feel free to just play as much as needed. And as always, thinking of you my friend 🙂


      • Glad that you had fun with it …. and remember, it’s all good, whatever comes out, whether it makes sense or not …. it’s just supposed to be something that frees up the creative brain pan 😉


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