Why worry?

I spent the better part of this week worrying and fretting about things that never even happened. I’m good at that. If it was something I could make a career out of I would quite possibly be a millionaire by now.

Let’s turn the tables on the normal thinking around the worrying process, they say 99% of the things you worry about never happen, so what if it keeps bad things from happening. That said, I am forgetting the stress I put myself under, so perhaps rather that it being some kind of talisman, it is simply just irrational .

Abraham Hicks said ‘Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want’. If only when the negative thoughts moved themselves to the forefront of my brain I could instead imagine a world of exploding colours Β filled with all the things that make me smile.

There was a brief time in the midst of my counselling where I felt peace, not inner peace exactly, but a calmness, where my noisy brain was unusually quiet. I wondered if this was what life was like for normal people, and found myself jealous of their uncomplicated and uncluttered thought processes that were so at odds with my own.

I miss my counselling, it was the kick up the backside I needed that I was unable to give myself. I could go back, but what would be the point, I need to be able to take what I have been given and move forward on my own. I can’t crumble at the first hurdle, only this last two weeks it feels like there have been an awful lot of hurdles.

I have to dust myself off and move on, Rome wasn’t built in a day.



13 thoughts on “Why worry?

  1. A person taught me to do this: whenever you have a ‘bad’ or unwanted thought in your head, make the decision to reject it. Just say in your mind ‘I reject this thought.’ and move on. If it returns, reject it again. You’re in control of your thoughts! Rock them! PS: the same goes for positive thoughts, just say ‘I accept this thought’ and move on. It’s a good way to cut down the storm of thoughts inside our heads.


      • It’s tough to stick to these practices, I agree. But it’s also good to do them without trying too hard. doing whenever we remember them is okay too. Lurking on your blog today I saw a post where you mentioned the counselling – would you mind writing more about this? How did it go (was it difficult?), did you notice any changes in your behaviour and life, would you recommend it to others etc – but obviously, you don’t have to πŸ˜€


      • No I will, that’s one for the idea book. But briefly, yes, it’s one of the best things I have ever done. It doesn’t fix you but it sets you on the right path. Will do a post this week πŸ™‚


      • Cool, I’m looking forward to it! Btw, I turned the related posts switch on but when I go to check on my blogs I still don’t see them. Did you turn yours on – because i don’t see them on your site either


      • Oooh – that’s the kind of post I’ve been looking for earlier but I guess I looked in the wrong corners on wordpress πŸ˜€ Thanks Maddie! #herooftheday


  2. You know – the stress, the worries, all of the “crazy in the head” stuff is a conditioned patterning that you’ve been playing out in your mind for ages ….. so it WILL take time to rewrite your head/mind script – and yeah, you will feel a range of emotions because you ARE trying – but remember a few things – they might save you a lot of grief ….. we can never be sure of how “normal” people think and behave – and yeah, I know, in your mind you’re probably thinking, well, suffering from anxiety isn’t normal and so it stands to reason that those who don’t think differently and cope differently – from a place of piece. And you’d be right – but remember – we don’t live in anyone else’s head – and you know, there are far more people who have trouble coping, are stress-aholics etc. than we can ever know – because everyone ELSE seems to be “totally with it” ….. so give yourself a break. With time, you will learn to work on using different tricks and things that will help you feel more “at peace” in your mind.

    And if it’s possible? If you can go back to therapy – even if not every week, but when you feel like you need some more encouragement, or some issue is really bugging you, then don’t hold yourself hostage by not going.

    This isn’t a game of: do this, try this, repeat this over and over and you will come out new and shiny and all “polished” by X date ….. it’s a process ….. and there will be moments when you cope much better than others …. sometimes all jumbled up in a day ….. but every little “victory” is a part of the bigger picture …. so be gentle with yourself …. and you already have a good part of the battle done – or at least properly squared and fenced – you ended your post: Rome wasn’t built in a day – and you’re willing to keep trying …. and know this …. your brain is used to being noisy … and so there will be a part of you that resists the changes …. sounds nuts, but that’s how it works … even if it makes you feel much better …. so it’s just a game of give and take and learning to keep slowly working at feeling better. You can and will get through this …. ((((((((((Maddie))))))))


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