New Beginnings


I love empty spaces like this, they are clean and full of endless possibilities.

Through the point of a pencil, the nib of a pen or the press of a key I can become whatever it is I wish to be.

I could tell you amazing stories about the life I have led and the people I have met and how in their own ways these experiences and people have shaped the person I have become. While all of that may be true, I only wish I were that exciting. The truth is I am ordinary and it is not something I have a problem with.

I am also an introvert, a fact about myself I only learned recently. I wish I had known this sooner, perhaps then I would have realised I wasn’t just weird, but had another string to my bow.

I write in other places, but here, in this blank space I want to write! I am changing, currently a work in progress with a head full of random ideas that vie for my attention and need to be set free.

I like my other spaces but now no longer blank they sag under the weight of expectation and are watched by some who I would never wish to offend with my random offerings. Others I will welcome here with open arms, if they choose to come as they have offered nothing but love and support.

I will not go looking, but I will emerge if I am found.

As of yet I have no idea what I will use to fill this empty space, but isn’t that the beauty of new beginnings.


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